ONLINE and FREE Home Buyer Seminar

Buying a home is a huge step with many parts and no one should do it alone.

What is earnest money?

How much is an acceptable downpayment?

Save thousands and avoid mistakes

Learn this and more


About the event

Purchasing a home shouldn't be a intimidating process! Join us on this zoom meeting and learn which mistakes to avoid. Bring your questions and join us for a very informative meetup. Even if you're not planning on buying a house right away, this information presented will help you plan and be on solid ground. The goal of the workshop is alleviate any stressors to those who are considering a home purchase in the future, whether that be in the next few months or years down the road.

See you there.

Your Hosts

With over twenty years of combined experience, let Kirstin and Sam guide you through the often misunderstood process of purchasing a home.

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Sam A Karroum
License #125372
Windermere Real Estate / Shoreline

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Kirstin Ward
Loan Consultant
NMLS #1181312
Caliber Home Loans

Feedback from last seminars

I walked away with tons of knowledge and tips on how to search for homes and what to avoid. So glad I spent the time and the best part it was all free.

Brian A

I never knew I could buy a house with 3% down. All along I thought the minimum was 20% and thought I would never be able to buy my own place. This class dispelled all that and taught me a few new things. No pressure and all the knowledge you can absorb. Thank you Sam and Kirstin.

Wendy E

The best 90 minutes spent. So much information and in an easy to understand format. So glad I attended. Sam and Kirstin were great.

Christina A

Why would any first time home buyer buy a house without attending one of these classes is news to me! Do yourselves a favor and attend one. The information and knowledge are priceless.

Robert M

Act fast. Space is limited.

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